The Deception

September 21, 2006

I was going to wait till after I finished editing The Harbor House to begin my new project, but I couldn’t wait any longer.  I had the first chapter pounding in my head so i wrote it.  I also have a prologue for a total of 15 pages into my new novel.

Im excited…


Query Letter

September 19, 2006

Here is my first attempt at a query letter.  Any suggestions or opinions are greatly appreciated.  Here goes:

I would like to introduce you to my first novel entitled, The Harbor House.

In a small Pennsylvania town author, Alan Harbor, encounters his former love, Amanda; as he struggles with emerging feelings he is thrown into a battle with a sinister evil, one that would stop at nothing to keep her from divulging a terrible secret. 

A good suspense novel contains not only a central conflict with the main character, but also several conflicts affecting all characters in a variety of different ways.  I believe The Harbor House has this element.  The story opens with Alan Harbor, struggling with writers block, attempting to write the next bestseller.  A knock on his door reveals Amanda Heckler, a former girlfriend in shock, and in need of medical attention.  Her relationship with a former love interest, Kevin, included the knowledge of his sick and evil pleasures.  Along with the help of a police officer friend, Paul; Alan attempts to piece together the events that causes Amanda’s trauma.  At her behest, they move into his family’s estate, The Harbor House, where not only do they expect to hide from Kevin’s evil, but must also confront Alan’s personal demons.  Suddenly and without warning, Amanda disappears causing Alan and Paul to begin a frantic search before its too late.  Once they find her, they must confront Kevin at the Harbor House, reaching a climax no one expects.

The Harbor House is a fast paced novel set in a small Pennsylvania town, a suspenseful story written against the backdrop of a calm community.  Once a resident of the sleepy town, it always seemed to me like the perfect setting for a good thriller.  Writing has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, poetry and short stories occupying most of my time.  This is my first attempt at a novel.

As a young writer, I am looking for an agent with experience in the literary business.  Someone who can guide me through the business, confusing as it may be, and get my writing read by others.  Your credentials are impressive as well as your time in the industry.  It would be my pleasure to share my business with you.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my request.  I have included a brief synopsis for your review.  The novel is 80,000 words and fully complete.  It would be my pleasure to send you a copy of the manuscript.  Hope to hear from you soon.


L A Cruz

Anything missing??  Please help!

Life of a Writer…

September 15, 2006

Heres a good example of the typical life of a writer.  No matter how talented, there will be those that try to take advantage of your craft.

Sharon’s story:

Writer’s Block

September 14, 2006

The main character in my new novel suffers from Writer’s Block, and I believe if you have ever tried to put two sentences together for any period of time, its something every writer has to deal with.

I myself have suffered from bouts of empty head, where no discernible, logical thoughts seems to materialize on the blank page before me.  Something that helped me recently was an article from Holly Lisle’s website on Writer’s Block.  I found it very insightful, and the suggestions she provided helped me immensely.

Here’s the link for whoever is interested, and can’t seem to write one single solitary word.

The Harbor House

September 12, 2006

It’s finished! Finally…

When I started this project on March 10th, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get this far.  My first collaboration.  My plot and characters in a finished story.  The book is averaging about 80,000 words in its first draft.  With editing I know I can bulk it up to 90 maybe even 100,000 words.

I have now started the tedious process of writing the query letters and the synopsis for the story.  I have also started to edit the novel, chapter by chapter.  I’ll keep the blog posted on my progress.

Here goes nothing!

For aspiring writers…

September 12, 2006

If your anything like me the idea of finding an agent may seem daunting, even downright scary.  Of all the tools that are available in this search, I felt that this website was the greatest help.

Give it a shot.  You just might find your new agent…

Welcome to my world

September 12, 2006


To write is my life.  End of story.  Although fiction is what I am currently focusing on, I write about life.  My family, my friends, my world are my current inspiration.  I will share some of my story here, some of my writing, and plenty of thoughts in between.  I invite everyone to join me.